village in the Dutch province of Utrecht

Hoogland (in English; High land) is a district and a town in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Until 1974, it was its own municipality, but it was taken over by Amersfoort.[1]

Flag of Hoogland
Coat of arms of Hoogland
 • Total1,466 km2 (566 sq mi)
 • Total10,147



Early history (Before 1811)


Het Hogeland (In English; The high land) used to be the name for a larger piece of land around Hoogland. People lived here since at least the 8th century AD. People assume that they probably started working together in the 12th century. This resulted in many cooperations between farmers and the like.[2]

Hoogland as municipaility (1811-1974)


Between 1811 and 1974, Hoogland was a municipality. This was because the French, who had taken over the Netherlands during this time, were changing the way the country was organised.[3]

A tombstone remembering the annexation of Hoogland. It says "Luctati non emersimus", the text in Latin means "We did not emerge from the struggle".

Hoogland as a part of Amersfoort (1967-)


In 1967, it was revealed that Hoogland would be broken apart and would be given to two other municipalities, Amersfoort and Bunschoten. Not everyone was happy with this change. Many people from Hoogland wanted to stay independent. But their protests didn't manage to stop the change.[4]



Hoogland is known for its farms and the people living there being close together.[5] Every year, a festival is held so that people have the chance to chat and catch up with each other. It also entertains people and is known for it's horse races.[6] Thousand of people visit this event every year,

Horse racing


Somewhat after World War II ended, in 1947, the first horse events, which featured horse racing, but also stunts and the like, started being held. A group called the JBTB continued hosting horse events. These events proved popular, the 40th yearly Paardesportdag (Horse sports day) managed to pull at least 5000 visitors in, with people from all around the region.[7]


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