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Git (/ɡɪt/) is a distributed revision control system. It is a computer program that helps people create other computer programs together. Git was made to be fast.[7] It was created by Linus Torvalds for use in developing the Linux kernel which he also created. Git's current development is looked after by Junio Hamano. It is free and open source software released under the GNU General Public License version 2 software license.[8]

Original author(s)Linus Torvalds[1]
Developer(s)Junio Hamano and others[2]
Initial release7 April 2005; 19 years ago (2005-04-07)
Stable release
2.45.1[3] Edit this on Wikidata / 14 May 2024
Written inC, Shell, Perl, Tcl[4]
Operating systemPOSIX (Linux, macOS, Solaris, AIX), Windows
Available inEnglish
TypeVersion control
LicenseGPL-2.0-only[lower-roman 1][6] Edit this on Wikidata

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