God in Christianity

concept of deity in the Christian religion

In Christianity, one way people think of God is as a being that made everything and lives forever. The Christian Bible speaks of God as one who is, who speaks, who sees, hears, acts, and loves. Christians believe that God has a will and is a kind, all powerful being.

A drawing of God by Michelangelo c. 1510

Some Christians believe God to be immanent (with and inside all things). Others believe he will be immanent later. Most believe he is also transcendent (outside space and time, so he is unable to be changed by forces inside the universe).[1]

Trinitarians see the Christian God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They say that God is one being that lives forever, who is inside and beyond nature. All Christian denominations say that God is personal to humans and to himself. Most of the Christians believe that God is a spirit.

Names for GodEdit

In the Bible, God has the personal name Yahweh (or YHWH).

God seen by peopleEdit

God is not seen often by people in the Bible.

God is seen:

  • By Adam and Eve to give them rules.
  • By Adam and Eve to punish them for breaking the rules.
  • By Moses as a burning bush.
  • By Moses as a pillar of flames.


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