Google Fiber

Broadband network from Alphabet in the United States

Google Fiber is a company within the Alphabet holding. Its main product is a project to create an infrastructure for a broadband Internet access network using fiber optics. The project has been implemented in two parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area (Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas). Still, expansion is planned in Kansas City North, Kansas City South, Westwood, Westwood Hills, and Mission Woods. The city-pioneer was chosen by competition. Google announced its choice on March 30, 2011.[1]

Google Fiber's logo

By July 2012, the network infrastructure was successfully laid and ready for operation. At the same time, Google announced tariff plans for accessing the network. Three projects were offered: free broadband, 1Gbps for $70/month, and the previous version with TV service for $120/month. In addition to Internet access, subscribers get one terabyte of Google Drive storage, and TV plan subscribers also get a DVR with two terabytes of storage for recording TV shows. It is noteworthy that the video recorder can record up to 8 TV channels simultaneously, and the Nexus 7 is included with the TV set, which is used as a remote control to control the entire system. In addition, the TV service can stream video to iPads and Android tablets.


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