province of Indonesia, on island of Sulawesi

Gorontalo (Gorontaloan: Hulontalo) is a province of Indonesia. It is on the island of Sulawesi. Gorontalo is part of the Minahasa Peninsula. Gorontalo was part of the province of North Sulawesi until it became a new, separate province on 5 December 2000.[4] The provincial capital and largest city is Gorontalo City.

Regional transcription(s)
 • GorontaloanHulontalo
From top, left to right : Lake Perintis, Gorontaloan traditional martial arts, Tumbiloto Festival, Lake Limboto, the beach of Saronde Island, Fort Otanaha
Flag of Gorontalo
Official seal of Gorontalo
Bumi Serambi Madinah (Medina's Porch)
Adati Hula-hula'a to Sara'a, Sara'a hula-hula'a to Kuru'ani (Tradition rooted in the Sharia, the Sharia rooted in the Quran)
Location of Gorontalo in Indonesia
Location of Gorontalo in Indonesia
Coordinates: 0°40′N 123°00′E / 0.667°N 123.000°E / 0.667; 123.000
Country Indonesia
Founded5 December 2000
(and largest city)
 • GovernorRusli Habibie (Golkar)
 • Vice GovernorIdris Rahim
 • Total12.435 km2 (4.801 sq mi)
 • Rank29th
 • Total1.133.237[1]
 • Ethnic groupsGorontaloan, Atinggolan, Bolangoan, Suwawan, Mongondowi
 • Religion (2017)Islam (96.66%)
Protestantism (2.19%)
Catholicism (0.69%)
Hinduism (0.38%)
Buddhism (0.08%)[3]
 • LanguagesIndonesian (official)
Gorontaloan (regional)
Time zoneUTC+08 (Indonesia Central Time)
90xxx, 91xxx, 92xxx
Area codes(+62) 4xx
ISO 3166 codeID-GO
Vehicle registrationDM
HDIIncrease 0.670 (Medium)
HDI rank28th (2017)

Religion change

Religion in Gorontalo (2010 census)[5]
religion percent

Like most Indonesian provinces, Islam is the majority religion. Islam came to Gorontalo in the 15th century from Ternate and Bone. Non-governmental Islamic organisations such as Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah have offices in Gorontalo.

Christians are the second-largest population in Gorontalo. Most are migrants from North Sulawesi and other parts of Indonesia. They are 2.19% of the population. There are several churches in Gorontalo.

Other religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism are mostly followed by migrants from other parts of Indonesia.

Language change

Indonesian is the official language of the province. Road signs and government documents are in Indonesian. However, Gorontaloan language is the most common spoken language in the province. There are several other languages that are similar and may be dialects of Gorontaloan. These include: Suwawa language, Atinggola language, Limboto language, Kwandang language, Tilamuta language and Sumawata language.

Gorontaloan is related to languages from North Sulawesi and the Philippines. Gorontaloan is written in the Latin alphabet. Gorontaloan is the language of everyday life. However, Indonesian is used in schools, the media, and government.

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