Governor-General of Belize

Representative of the monarch of Belize

The Governor-General of Belize is Her Majesty's representative in all matters about Belize.

Governor-General of Belize
Coat of arms of Belize
Flag of the Governor-General of Belize
Froyla Tzalam

since 27 May 2021
StyleHer/His Excellency
ResidenceGovernment House, Belize (former)
Belize House, Belmopan (since 1984)
The Monarch
(on advice from the prime minister of Belize)
Term length
At Her Majesty's pleasure
Formation21 September 1981
First holderElmira Minita Gordon
Salary52,848 BZD annually[1][2]

Governors-General of Belize, 1981-present change

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