Great Wall of Qi

building in Great Wall of Qi, China

35°58′12.26″N 120°4′33.97″E / 35.9700722°N 120.0761028°E / 35.9700722; 120.0761028

Old parts of the Great Wall of Qi on Dafeng Mountain, Changqing District, Jinan.

The Great Wall of Qi (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Chángchéng) is the oldest part of the Great Wall in China that is still standing.[1][2] It started being built in 441 BC (during the Spring and Autumn period) by the state of Qi. It was made to defend itself against attacks from the states of Jin and Yue. It was done being built during the Warring States period and became Qi's defense against enemies states like Ju, Lu, and Chu.[3] The wall goes from Guangli village of today's Changqing District, Jinan.


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