Green River

river in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado, in the United States, that is a tributary of the Colorado River

The Green River is a river in the states of Wyoming and Utah, in the United States. It is the largest tributary of the Colorado River, at about 730 miles (1,175 km) long. Its headwaters are in the west part of Wyoming, in a subrange of the Rocky Mountains known as the Wind River Range. From there, it flows south, then turns east for a short while, then flows south, west, and south into the Reservoir, formed by Fontenelle Dam, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir, which is formed by the Flaming Gorge Dam.

Map of the Green River drainage basin

After it exits the dam, it flows east around the Uinta Mountains, and enters the desert-like Colorado Plateau. Here, it flows in a series of deep and spectacular canyons. It meets both of its largest tributaries, the White River and the Yampa River, from the east. In Canyonlands National Monument, it meets the Colorado. Shortly after the two rivers meet, they flow into Lake Powell, formed by Glen Canyon Dam.