expression to acknowledge another person

Greetings are nice things to say when people meet each other. Greetings may be different from culture to culture. These are some greetings used a lot in the English language:

  • "Hello" Formal, Neutral and Informal
  • "Hi" Neutral and Informal
  • "Hey" Informal
  • Good Bye,greeting used while leaving each other
  • "Good [morning, afternoon, evening,night], Formal , which changes with the time of day
  • "What's up?", "Yo", "What's up?", "'Sup" and "What's happening?", which are not formal
  • "G'day", a greeting used a lot in Australia
  • "Howdy", an informal greeting used a lot in rural areas of the United States
  • "How do you do", which is used as a question in some places and a normal greeting in others

There are also ways to greet without talking, such as these: