island in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

Guernsey is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. It is one of the Channel Islands, and is the main administration island of the Bailiwick of Guernsey'. Charles III is the head of state, but it has a government of its own, with its own laws and special status when it comes to taxes. 65,573 people live there.

Flag of Guernsey
Coat of arms of Guernsey
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The Island


Guernsey has 10 parishes. These are Castel, Forest, St Andrews, St Martins, St Peter Port, St Pierre du bois, St Sampson, St Saviour's, Torteval, Vale.

Saint Peter Port is the biggest parish by terms of population, with 16,500 people living there.



Guernsey has an oceanic climate.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Guernsey was 34.3 °C (93.7 °F) on 9 August 2003 at Guernsey Airport.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Guernsey was −7.8 °C (18.0 °F) on 20 January 1963 in Saint Peter Port.




Guernsey has its own dialect of the Norman language, called Guernésiais. It is spoken by only 2% of the population, but is understood by around 14%. This means that only 1300 people speak it, and most of these people are elderly. Only 1 in every 1000 young people can speak it.