Gunpei Yokoi

Japanese video game designer (1941–1997)
In this Japanese name, the family name is Yokoi.

Gunpei Yokoi (横井 軍平, Yokoi Gunpei, September 10, 1941 – October 4, 1997), also romanized as Gumpei Yokoi, was a video game designer for Nintendo. He created the Game Boy and produced the Metroid series of video games. He was also a mentor to Shigeru Miyamoto.[source?] Yokoi's last invention, the Virtual Boy, was not a success. He left Nintendo and started a company called Koto Laboratory. His main product idea at this company was the WonderSwan, which came out in 1999, two years after he died.

Gunpei Yokoi
Born(1941-09-10)September 10, 1941
DiedOctober 4, 1997(1997-10-04) (aged 56)
OccupationGame designer