Guy Moon

American composer (born 1962)

Guy Moon is an American musician and composer who created the music that was used in The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. Guy Moon, Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel were nominated for awards for the songs “If Every Day Could Be Christmas” from The Fairly OddParents Christmas episode,“What Girls Love” from The Fairly OddParents Valentine's Day episode, “It’s Great to be a Guy” from the same Valentine’s Day Episode , “Real and Scary” from the Halloween episode and “Wish Come True” from Abra-Catastrophe!.

Moon also made the music for the song “Wish Come True” from Channel Chasers which was cut from the episode and all the music for the songs in School’s Out: The Musical. Moon also made the music for the Theme song of Danny Phantom. Moon and Butch Hartman also made the song “You Will Remember” from Danny Phantom.