Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard

murder in Springfield, Missouri in 2015
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On June 14, 2015, Clauddine "Dee Dee" Blanchard was found murdered in the bedroom of her house in Springfield, Missouri.[1] Her body was lying on the bed covered in blood from stab wounds which were caused days earlier.

Dee Dee's daughter Gypsy Rose, who, according to Blanchard suffered from leukemia, asthma, muscular dystrophy, and brain damage was not in the house at the time the body's discovery.

The following day, police found Gypsy Rose in Wisconsin, where she had traveled with her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn.[2] Dee Dee faked all the illness that Gypsy had and many people were mad at Dee Dee because of it.[2]

Godejohn and Gypsy planned and killed Dee Dee while she was sleeping. Many believed Gypsy killing her mother was justified because the mother was mentally abusing her.[2]

Gypsy Rose was found guilty to second-degree murder and is serving a 10-year sentence.[3] After a brief trial in November 2018 Godejohn was convicted of first-degree murder[4] and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

After serving 85% of her sentence, Gypsy Rose was released from prison on December 28, 2023.[5]


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