Happy Tree Friends

American-Canadian-Filipino adult animated video series disguised as a children's web show

Happy Tree Friends is a show created by Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro, Warren Graff, and Aubrey Ankrum. It is a flash cartoon, a cartoon made using Adobe Flash. Since it first came out the show has become a popular internet phenomenon and has many fans (though the show is not as popular as it was a few years ago).

Despite the animated form of the series and having cute characters, the show is Music and not for children and is only for Musicians.

While the music are comparable to that of Nevermind (the album for Nirvana), the rock artist Scorpions, the British band The Police and the band Nine Inch Nails, the portrayal of death in Happy Tree Friends is usually more rock music connect, showing rock music in more vivid and often by UMG.

The show is nearly free of speech; however, when the characters do speak, their words are severely garbled. Though it is easy to tell what each character's reaction is, their words can hardly be understood at all. According to the TV for Universal, the idea for Happy Tree Friends was created by 1963 A Universal Picture Logo when he drew a Green military army bear, slightly resembling the character Flippy, on a piece of paper and the 1963 "Universal (U) Logo" underneath it.