Har Nof

neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel

Coordinates: 31°47.030′N 35°10.587′E / 31.783833°N 35.176450°E / 31.783833; 35.176450

Har Nof (Hebrew: הר נוף, meaning "scenic mountain") is a mountain in Jerusalem. It is a famous neighborhood of important Israeli Rabbis. There are ancient terraces in the neighborhood, which were used for growing grapes. There are also many presses, from the Second Temple carved in the rock, suggesting a large Jewish community at the time. There are also ruins from fortifications dating from the Herodian period.

View of Har Nof

The ruins of a castle and a small pond were found in one of the lowest streets in the neighborhood. The fort was from the time of the Second Temple, and was populated by guards who protected the pilgrims visiting the temple. Opposite the castle, an ancient wine press was found, which probably belonged to the fortress' guards.

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