anterior anatomical region in many animals, which tends to contain sensory and nervous organs and orifices for ingestion and breathing

The head is the part of the body where the brain is, which is protected and surrounded by the cranium, which is part of the skull. It is also where the face is, which has a lot of your senses like seeing and hearing. Not all animals have heads, like worms or a lot of other things that don't have symmetrical bodies from top to bottom.

The human head

In Medicine change

Some people get pains in their head occasionally, known as headaches. Also, some people have worse pains in their head called migraines. Some people heal people's heads, sometimes these people are special kinds of doctors called neurologists or head and neck doctors.

Uses change

Different things may be worn on the head, for example a headband or a hat.

Other Meanings change

A head in English can also mean a person in charge of something, such as the head of a company.

Also, the word head can also mean the front of something. An example of this is the word "Headline", meaning large words on the front page of a newspaper.