Help:Special page

Special pages are pages automatically generated by the software for on demand purposes. This namespace is virtual and does not have a corresponding talk page. Pages in this namespace are not written in wikitext and can't be edited in the normal way, although most special pages contain messages in the MediaWiki namespace. No one has the ability to create or delete special pages, other than developers.

Modifying a special pageEdit

Special pages are not editable themselves, but some parts of special pages use messages, which are modifiable, but only by administrators. To suggest a change to the parts that can be edited, append ?uselang=qqx to the URL. For example, if you append ?uselang=qqx to Special:BookSources, this will give you message names in parentheses. For example, this will show (booksources-search-legend). This means that MediaWiki:Booksources-search-legend is being used on the page. To request an edit, go to that corresponding talk page and use {{EditProtected}} to draw the attention of administrators. An administrator will make the change if it seems reasonable.