Hermila Galindo

Mexican politician, writer and activist (1896-1954)

Hermila Galindo Acosta (also known as Hermila Galindo de Topete) (2 June 1886 – 18 August 1954) was a feminist and writer. She was from Mexico. She supported many feminist views. She wanted to teach sex education in schools, women's suffrage, and divorce. She was one of the first feminists that said that Catholicism in Mexico was hurting feminism. She was the first woman to run for elected office in Mexico.[1]

Hermila Galindo Acosta
Hermila Galindo Acosta

2 June 1886
Died18 August 1954(1954-08-18) (aged 68)
Mexico City, Mexico
Other namesHermila Galindo Acosta de Topete
Occupation(s)journalist, activist

Early life change

Hermila Galindo Acosta was born in Lerdo, Durango on 2 June, 1886. Her parents were Rosario Galindo and Hermila Acosta. She went to school in Villa Lerdo. She then went to an industrial school in Chihuahua. She learnt accounting, shorthand, telegraphy, typing, English and Spanish. She went back home when she was 13. She gave private lessons in shorthand and typing to children. In 1911, she moved to Mexico City.[2]

Legacy change

On 2 June 2018, Galindo was celebrated by a Google Doodle in Mexico. It was on her 132nd birthday.[3]

On 20 November 2020, Galindo was added to the new Mexican 1000 peso note.[4]

Selected works change

  • La Mujer moderna (1915–1919) (in Spanish)
  • Estudio de la Srita. Hermila Galindo : con motivo de los temas que han de absolverse en el Segundo Congreso Feminista de Yucatán, Noviembre 20 de 1916 (1916) (in Spanish)
  • La doctrina Carranza y el acercamiento indo-latino (1919) (in Spanish)
  • Un presidenciable: el general Don Pablo Gonzalez (1919) (in Spanish)
  • "Mi grano de arena en esa hermosa labor." in La doctrina Carranza y el acercamiento indolatino, pp. 159–67. Mexico 1919.

Further reading change

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