Història de la Marina Catalana

book by Arcadi García i Sanz

The Història de la Marina Catalana (History of the Catalan Navy) is a book written by Arcadi Garcia Sanz. It enumerates all aspects of the Catalan Navy in the trade and in the war, its exploits and conquests, a historic collection ranging from prehistoric times to the present day.

Història de la Marina Catalana
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AuthorArcadi Garcia Sanz
Original titleHistòria de la Marina Catalana
Genrebook of essays
PublisherEncyclopedia Catalana Aedos
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Published in English
Media typePrinted book

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The book describes the sea battles, the activities of the seamen, to end detailing aspects of maritime law.[1] Besides explaining the history of the Catalan Navy, the book treats especially the period from the Middle Ages until the 16th century, with the important aspect of the slope of the merchant marine, which made Catalonia one of the trading powers of the Mediterranean.

It is not limited to political events and war at sea. It is immersed in the study of the seamen, the organization of maritime transport, vessels, maritime law and commerce, and the knowledge of the Catalans of all ages, in the navigation's art and in the navigation's science.[2]

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Prologue by Jose María Martínez-Hidalgo . Collection. "Aedos Catalan Encyclopedia". (Editorial Aedos, Barcelona 1977), 29.5 cm. 449 p. 15 f. which include appendices and indexes. Profuse illustrations in the text, with 17 sheets enlarged outside the text. [3]

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