Hitotsubashi University

national university in kunitachi-city, Tokyo, Japan

Hitotsubashi University (一橋大学, Hitotsubashi daigaku) is a national university specialized in the social sciences in Tokyo, Japan. The university has campuses in Kunitachi, Kodaira, and Kanda. Hitotsubashi is one of the top universities in Japan. It is very strong in economics and commerce related subjects. The university has strong international relationships. It has academic exchange agreements with 83 universities and research institutions, including University of Chicago, the University of Oxford and the University of California.

Hitotsubashi University
MottoCaptains of Industry
TypePublic (National)
Established1920 (Origins 1875)
PresidentSusumu Yamauchi
Academic staff
ColorsCrimson Red (DIC-2489)  

Faculties and graduate schools change

Hitotsubashi University has about 4,500 undergraduate students and 2,100 postgraduate students. There are about 630 faculty members.

Undergraduate programs change

  • Commerce (275)
  • Economics (275)
  • Law (175)
  • Social Sciences (235)

Graduate programs change

  • Commerce (Master Program: 108, Doctor Program: 30)
  • Economics (Master Program: 70, Doctor Program: 30)
  • Law (Master Program: 15, Doctor Program: 26 Juris Doctor Program: 100)
  • Social Sciences (Master Program: 87, Doctor Program: 44)
  • Language and Society (Master Program: 49, Doctor Program: 21)
  • International Corporate Strategy (ICS) (including MBA Program)
  • International and Public Policy (55)

Parentheses show how many students enter in a year.[1]

Entrance exams change

Hitotsubashi University is a very hard school to enter. So there are many textbooks for their entrance exams. One Japanese publisher has made a 15-year collection of their English tests.[2] Another publisher made a 50-year collection of their Mathematics exam.[3][4]

References change

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  4. Hitotsubashi University requires mathematics because it is necessary to learn economics.

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