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Hokkaidō (北海道, Hokkaidō), also known as Ezo and Yezo, is a volcanic island in Japan. It is the northernmost of Japan's four main islands.[1]

A map of Japan with the island of Hokkaidō highlighted in brown
Sōunkyō, a gorge in the Daisetsu-zan Volcanic Area
A satellite image of Hokkaido

Hokkaidō Prefecture covers the entire island.[2]

About 5,224,614 people live on the island. [3]It is north of Honshu. It is the second largest Japanese island.[4] It has a humid continental climate (Dfa/Dfb in the Köppen climate classification) with cold snowy winters and warm to hot summers.

Agriculture is an important part of the island's economy.



Hokkaidō region is one of Japan's traditional geographic regions.[5]

The region covers the entire island.[1] The island and the region have been called Hokkaidō since 1869.[4]



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