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The home page of a web site is the document that a web server sends to another computer's web browser application when it has been contacted without a request for specific information. That is, when one enters only a domain name in the Address box without specifying a directory or a file, the home page is usually the first part of the web site one would be taken to. The Home Page is also called the Main Page.

A properly written home page will tell a user about the information available in the web site, and how to view different parts of the web site.

The home page of simple.wikipedia.org can be found at this link.

Home Page was a popular computer application used for composing web pages.

In Linux serversEdit

In Linux-based servers, the homepage usually is index.html, index.php, index.cgi, etc. Unless the website administrator has created a redirect to a specific webpage.

In Windows serversEdit

However, in Windows-based servers, the homepage is default.html, default.php, etc. This is a problem for website administrators to install website applications like MediaWiki. Mainly because most website applications are created with the homepage as index.php (for PHP applications).