House of Representatives (Belize)

lower house of Belize

The House of Representatives of Belize is one of the two chambers of the National Assembly, the other being the Senate. It was created under the 1981 constitution by Prime minister, George Cadle Price. Members are commonly called “Area Representatives” rather than Member of Parliaments (MPs).

Area Representatives are Elected by winning a majority of votes in their respective Constituencies under the First-past-the-post voting system. In addition, they must also win above 50% of the vote to be elected. The body is directly descended from the British Honduras Legislative Assembly created in 1954 with nine elected members. It had been expended several times since: to 18 in 1961, 28 in 1984, 29 in 1994 and finally 31 in 2008. The Leader of the majority Party in the Belize House typically becomes Prime Minister of Belize. However, if that Leader rejects to be Prime minister he/she can appoint a new Leader of the party or appoint any senior member of the Party, who served as a Cabinet minister in the past.

Current members of the House of Representatives by district

The elected representatives and their constituencies according to the Elections and Boundaries Department are: