Hyappatsu hyakuchu

1968 film by Jun Fukuda

Hyappatsu hyakuchu (100発100中, IronFinger) is a 1965 Japanese action adventure comedy film directed by Jun Fukuda and produced by Toho. The film was shot in color and cinemascope (TohoScope). When Akira Takarada appeared in "Godzilla Final Wars", released in 2004, he said "This is still a man who was said to be 100 out of 100 shots in the past. The line is about this work (by director Ryuhei Kitamura's plan).

Hyappatsu hyakuchu
Directed byJun Fukuda
Written byMichio Tsuzuki (screenplay)
Kihachi Okamoto
Produced byTomoyuki Tanaka
StarringAkira Takarada
Mie Hama
Ichirô Arishima
CinematographyKazuo Yamada (uncredited)
Shinsaku Uno
Music byMasaru Sato
Distributed byToho
Release date
  • December 5, 1965 (1965-12-05)
Running time
93 minutes

The story is about an ordinary vacationer takes up the mission of a dead Interpol agent and finds himself caught between two rival gangs who are fighting over an arms shipment.


On board the Air France plane ready to leave the Orly Airport in Paris, there are two passengers on that plane. One is a second generation born in England who wears a dark sunglasses and an ordinary vacationer who speak French and Japanese. The vacationer began having a conversation with the sunglasses man and he began writing a letter to his mother while holding a picture of makuṭa dancers, telling her that he and his friend are going to Bangkok to have a chat over there. The two traveled with Bangkok and Hong Kong without revealing their surnames, began to have conversation while smoking a cigarettes. Suddenly, two motorcycle assassins ambushed the two only for the sunglasses man get caught with a rope and dragged on the street. The vacationer take out the first assassin while pulling out his Luger to kill the second.

The sunglasses man died in front of him and revealed to be an Interpol agent named Andrew Hoshino according to his passport ID. The vacationer, now named Andrew Hoshino, arrived at Haneda Airport using his passport and plan to find out who killed the agent. A strange incident happened at the crowded airport as Andrew witness a stripper's makeup bag exploded at the customs and a Chinese man escaped in the turmoil as if he was looking for an opportunity. Andrew chases after him only to lose site of him as he get in the car and leave. Meanwhile he meet Yumi Sawada, a beautiful woman who offered him a drive, is a fashionable female bomb expert who sells plastic explosives in Southeast Asia. Guided by Yumi, Andrew arrived at the base of the Akatsuki Gang (赤月組, Akatsuki-gumi), a Yakuza crime syndicate led by Jyosuke Akatsuki and was taken as prisoner. The Chinese man was actually a weapons dealer named Huang Changkang, who had been smuggling 100 CRS pistols (a re-modeled version of Mauser C96 pistols) from Hong Kong with his stripper in order to annihilate their competitors the Aonuma Gang (青沼組,Aonuma-gumi) under the leadership of yakuza boss Takeshi Aonuma. But Yumi had a more powerful weapon that she personally designed it on her own, a plastic explosive that can explode anytime, anywhere with an ultrasonic whistle.

Eventually, a agent from the International Secret Police was dispatched from Paris, and Tezuka, a bumbling over confident police detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, sneaked into the Akatsuki base to investigate an illegal weapon smuggling. But he ended up getting captured by Akatsuki's henchmen and taken to the basement where Andrew was tied up. The Akatsuki Gang, who was having problem with the two, moved them in a freezing box truck and headed for the Tokai region with Yumi as the lookout. However, Tezuka flirts and teasing with the hot exchange between Hoshino and Yumi as lovers. On the other hand, Huang, who was angry about not getting half of the money from Jyosuke, sold 100 guns to the Akatsuki Gang and went to Takeshi where he sells 200 guns to the Aonuma Gang in exchange for telling about a deal with the Akatsuki's. In addition, Huang was told by Aonuma that Hoshino was a hitman dispatched from the Swiss trafficking kingpin de Balmeyer, and came to Japan in aiming for Huang with a French crime boss named Hubert Lebois, who was actually the leader of the weapon smuggling ring.

However, Huang was relieved to know that Hoshino was captured by the Akatsuki Gang. Huang then informed about the location of where the Akatsuki's would unload 100 guns. However, at that time, Andrew and Tezuka managed to escape while avoid being caught by the two gangs. Yumi, who saw that 100 crates full of CRS pistols were unlikely, started to fell in love with Andrew and saved them by setting up explosives around the beach catching the two gangs by suprise. Hoshino and Tezuka then began to search for Huang and Lubois. The trio began searching for Lebois, who had undergone plastic surgery in Italy, but suddenly learned of a stripper left behind by her manager, and Andrew and Tezuka were the same person as Lebois. Tezuka and his colleagues, who migrated to the CRS Special Investigation Headquarters, flew to Manila and started an investigation with the cooperation of the Manila City Police. However, Andrew was confronted and captured by Komori, a hitman for Aonuma, who came from Tokyo, and was placed on a Cessna 172 plane driven by Huang Changkang. Tezuka and Yumi immediately chased after the plane, but Huang Changkang descended with a parachute alone when Hoshino was tied up, unable to grabbed on to the control stick when Tezuka passed out. Huang was brutally killed when he went to the wrong direction and getting cut by a spinning propeller. The two managed to help Andrew escaped as the plane crashed into the jungle.

Once they have landed in Manila, the three where surrounded by Filipinos and foreign guards led by Lebois and was taken to his weapons factory. Lebois, who first appeared in front of the three, said that a sunglasses man named Andrew Hoshino should have killed Huang in Hong Kong, and was suspicious of the fake ICPO agent. He was imprisoned in the room by Lebois, who tried to torture Andrew and Tezuka for more information, but was saved by Yumi after she planed the explosives plastic behind the cellar. On the contrary, Hoshino, who carries his pistol against Lebois and his minions, contacted the Manila City Police, and weapon smuggler Lebois was defeated in a final battle with Andrew, finally avenging his friend's death and completed his mission as an official Interpol agent. The movie ends with Andrew took a speedboat and leave Manila to Tokyo while Tezuka remained with the Manila police. Then out of nowhere, Yumi chased after Andrew and asked for a date.



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『100 Shot, 100 Killed』(100発100中, Hyappatsu hyakuchu)

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