chemical compound

Hydrazine, also known as diazine, is a chemical compound. It is composed of nitrogen and hydrogen ions. Its chemical formula is N2H4. It contains hydrogen in its +1 and nitrogen in its -2 oxidation state.

Hydrazine chemical structure

Properties change

It is a colorless liquid. It smells like ammonia, but it is more reactive than ammonia. It is a strong reducing agent. It is explosive. It can mix with water. It is a base similar to ammonia.

Preparation change

It is made by reacting sodium hypochlorite with liquid (not household) ammonia. If it is reacted with household ammonia, toxic fumes will be released. It can be made by reacting urea with sodium hypochlorite.

Uses change

It is used to make foam. It is also used in rocket fuels. It can be used in fuel cells. It is used to make sodium azide by reacting sodium amide with sodium nitrite.

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