Hydrazoic acid

unstable, toxic chemical compound

Hydrazoic acid is a chemical compound. (It is similar to hydrogen azide, which is the gas form. Hydrazoic acid is hydrogen azide dissolved in water.) Its chemical formula is HN3. It contains hydrogen and azide ions.

Properties Edit

Hydrazoic acid is very explosive. It is a powerful reducing agent. It is used to make other azides. It has an unpleasant smell.

Preparation Edit

It can be made by reacting sodium azide with an acid. It can be made pure by distillation.

Uses Edit

It does not have many uses, because it is very explosive and toxic.

Safety Edit

Hydrazoic acid is extremely toxic, even more toxic than sodium azide. It can make very bad headaches. It has a bad odor. It does not accumulate in the body. Once again, It is dangerous to drink!

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