Ian Fleming

British author (1908–1964)

Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964) was a British author and journalist. He was best known for writing the James Bond spy novels. He also wrote the children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in 1964.

Bronze bust of the author Ian Fleming by the British sculptor Anthony Smith. Commissioned by the Fleming family to commemorate the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth in 2008.

Fleming was born in London to a wealthy family. He was educated at Eton College. He spent many years working in Britain's Naval Intelligence Division during the Second World War. During this time, Fleming helped with the planning and management of two British intelligence units. This experience along with his work in journalism provided much of the background to the stories in his James Bond novels.

Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1952. Because of the book's success, Fleming wrote eleven more novels and two collections of short-stories about the British secret agent.

In total, there have been twenty-six films based on Fleming's famous character. The twenty-sixth, Spectre, was released in October 2015.[1]

Fleming died on 12 August 1964 of a heart attack in Canterbury, Kent, aged 56.


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