consumer device for making ice, found inside a freezer

An icemaker is an appliance that is designed to freeze water into ice for various uses.

Types change

Built in change

Built in icemaker in a freezer

Most icemakers are built into refrigerators as part of their freezer compartment. You can either get ice by using a scoop inside the freezer or many modern refrigerators will have an ice and water dispenser on the front of it. The water used will come inside the back of it after which it goes through a water filter located somewhere inside of it.

Portable change

Portable icemaker designed to fit on a countertop
Ice being made in an portable icemaker

A portable icemaker is an icemaker that is designed to easily move around and fit almost anywhere. These icemakers will plug into a standard household outlet and are manually filled with water whenever ice is required. Depending on how long the freeze cycle is will determine how thick the ice is. These icemakers are also known for making nugget ice that can easily be chewed. [1]

Commercial change

A smaller commercial icemaker
Larger standalone commercial icemaker

Most restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other places of business use a lot of ice daily and they must have the ability to quickly make a lot of ice. These are permanently installed devices that require cleaning every so often. [2] In order to keep the ice and the machine clean many will have advanced water filtration systems nearby to remove the calcium and other impurities in the water. [3]

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