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  • Identity (social science). In the social sciences, identity has specific meanings, stemming from cognitive theory, sociology, politics, and psychology.
  • Cultural identity is a person's self-affiliation (or categorization by others) as a member of a cultural group.
  • Gender identity is the gender with which a person identifies (or is identified by others).
  • Digital identity is the representation of identity in terms of digital information.
  • Online identity is the digital identity established by computer network users.
  • Psychological identity is the concept that an individual has a unique identity developed relatively late in history.

Business change

  • An accounting identity is a basic accounting formulation that must, by construction, hold; for example, the balance sheet of a company must balance. The term may also be used to apply to formulations in economics that have the same characteristics, for example, the balance of payments must balance.
  • Corporate identity is the physical manifestation of a business brand.
  • Identity theft is the deliberate appropriation of someone else's identity (without that person's permission) for criminal purposes.

Computer science change

  • Identity (object-oriented programming), a property of objects that allows those objects to be distinguished from each other.
  • Identity column in SQL Server represents a database field whose values are automatically generated by the server, and uniquely identify a row in the table.

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  • Christian Identity, a controversial religious belief which holds that Europeans and their descendents are the Biblical Israel

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