Information security

protecting information by mitigating information risks

Information security is about protecting information so that people who should not have access to it cannot distribute, see, change, or delete it. Although this has a lot in common with computer security, information risk management and information assurance, it is different from them. For example, computer security can focus on making sure that the computer is available when it is needed and that it works correctly but may not have anything to do with the data that it stores.

Information security has to do with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in any form e.g. electronic, print, or other forms. Organizations, including governments, private businesses and others have much information stored and processed on computers. Data that is lost or released to the wrong people or that is not properly secured could lead to legal and ethical problems for the organization.

For an individual person, information security has a big effect on privacy, which is viewed very differently by people in different cultures.[1]


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