Interchange (road)

road junction, typically using grade separation

A freeway interchange a place where two freeways meet, or where a freeway and another road meet. There are many different types of freeway interchanges.

Diamond style
Coverleaf style

Two main types of freeway interchanges are the diamond interchange and the cloverleaf interchange.

Diamond InterchangeEdit

A diamond interchange is where a freeway and a road meet. Traffic from the freeway can keep going or veer (turn a little bit) onto a road on an offramp. This meets a road at a stoplight. Traffic can also go from the road to the freeway by going on an onramp. It is called that because it looks like a diamond.

Cloverleaf InterchangeEdit

A cloverleaf interchange is where two freeways meet. There are still on- and offramps, but no stoplights and no right turns across traffic. To turn left, traffic goes in a 270° turn. It is called that because it looks like a four-leaf clover.