wide way leading from one place to another, especially one with a specially prepared surface which vehicles can use

A road is a piece of land which connects two or more places. Usually, a road has been made easy to travel on, for example by removing trees and stones so the ground is more level. Although many roads are made of gravel and dirt, some are paved with concrete or bricks or stones.

Road construction in Benin
A road made of gravel

People have been making roads for a long time. Roman roads in Britain and the Inca road system are famous. Transport by boats on waterways was usually easier and faster than transport by road. In the industrial revolution, the railway was invented. A railway is a special type of road, using railway tracks. Roads are now usually made for wheeled vehicles, like cars, to travel on.

When traffic congestion becomes a frequent problem, the road may be made wider or other roads built.

Road building and care is usually paid for by taxes. Some roads are toll roads, where people pay to use the road.

Other kinds of road Edit