International marketing

International marketing (IM) or global marketing is a marketing done on international level. The International Marketing is based on strategy created in home country of company and distributed to its other offices/affiliations.[1] In most cases it is international company level (company have offices in different countries) market identification and targeting.[2] International Marketing is very similar to Global marketing. The main difference will be the fact that Global Marketing is focusing on intercontinental point of view. The example of International Marketing would be where an English company would like to enter Chinese market. It will be done by either developing marketing strategy in their home country that will be then introduced in new market or they will hire a company to create such a plan.

Differences between marketing and international marketing


International marketing is developed by many multinational companies on a global level. It is then send to local markets which make changes for their country and starts following new strategy. Such a way of creating marketing strategies ensures that the global brand will be following same strategy and targeting same buyers group.[3]


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