Iron(II) chloride

chemical compound

Iron(II) chloride, also known as ferrous chloride, is a chemical compound. It is made of iron and chloride ions. The iron is in its +2 oxidation state.

Iron(II) chloride structure

Properties Edit

It is grayish-white when anhydrous and greenish when hydrated. It is oxidized by oxygen to a mixture of iron(III) chloride and iron(III) oxide, which are brown-yellow. It dissolves in water to make a yellowish-green solution. It is a reducing agent. It reacts with bases to make greenish iron(II) hydroxide.

Preparation Edit

It is made by dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid. It can also be made by reacting iron with iron(III) chloride. Some other reducing agents react with iron(III) chloride to make iron(II) chloride.

Uses Edit

It does not have common uses. Iron(II) sulfate and iron(III) chloride are used more often. It is used in treating wastewater. It can be used as a reducing agent in organic chemistry.

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