Isaac I Komnenos

Byzantine Emperor

Isaac I Komnenos (c. 1007 - 1 June 1060) was Byzantine Emperor from 1057 until 1059.

Isaac I Komnenos
Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans
INC-3060-r Номисма тетартерон. Исаак I Комнин. Ок. 1057—1059 гг. (реверс).png
Gold tetarteron of Isaac I Komnenos, showing the Emperor wielding a globus cruciger and holding a sheathed sword
Byzantine emperor
Reign8 June 1057 – 22 November 1059
Coronation1 September 1057
PredecessorMichael VI
SuccessorConstantine X
Byzantine Empire
Died1 June 1060 (aged 52/53)
Monastery of Stoudios, Constantinople
(now Istanbul, Turkey)
SpouseCatherine of Bulgaria
IssueManuel Komnenos
Maria Komnene
FatherManuel Erotikos Komnenos

After he abdicated due to ill health, he retired to a monastery, where he died in 1060.

Isaac I Komnenos
Born: c. 1007 Died: 1060
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Michael VI
Byzantine emperor
Succeeded by
Constantine X Doukas