variety of Norman spoken in Jersey, in the Channel Islands

Jèrriais is a language that is spoken in Jersey. Some people call it Jersey French. Just over 2000 people speak it. It is a Norman language. 3% of the people in Jersey speak it, and around 15% can understand it.

Native toJersey and Sark
Native speakers
1,900 (2011 census)[1]
2,800 L2 speakers of Jersey and Guernsey
Language codes
ISO 639-3nrf (incl. Guernésiais)
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In the 19th century, almost everyone in Jersey could speak Jèrriais. Then, people stopped learning it, and it nearly became extinct. These days, lots of people are trying to get more people to speak the language. Now, signposts and road signs on Jersey are written in Jèrriais and English.

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