musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s

J-Pop is the popular music of Japan. Recently, J-Pop has been influenced (affected) by Western culture, so new J-Pop now sounds different than older J-Pop. This kind of music is very common in Japan and it is often played by young music groups.


Yumi MatsutoyaEdit

Yumi Matsutoya, also known as Yuming, Yumi Arai or Karuho Kureta, is considered by many the "mother" of modern-day J-Pop. She has been one of the most successful Japanese singer-songwriters in the twentieth century in the world of pop music. Almost half of her albums reached number one at the Japanese Oricon charts, and all of her albums reached top 10 since her first album, Hikōki-gumo in 1973. She has sold over 37,800,000 copies of albums and singles. "NO SIDE" was made from Rugby game "Ooita Maiduru vs Tennri high school". The term 'j-pop' was coined in the 1990s.

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