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The Oricon Albums Chart is a Japanese music chart for albums. Albums on the chart are ranked by the number of copies they have sold. The chart is made by Oricon. The Oricon Albums Chart started including downloaded album copies in 2016.[1] In November 2018, Oricon also started including streamed albums.[2]

The charts are released every Tuesday. There are different charts for the most popular albums of every day, week, month, and year.

Best-selling albums on the charts


These are the albums that have sold the most copies on the Oricon Albums Chart.

Rank Year Title Musician Albums sold
1 1999 First Love Hikaru Utada 7,650,215[3]
2 1998 B'z The Best "Pleasure" B'z 5,135,922
3 1997 Review Glay 4,875,980
4 2001 Distance Hikaru Utada 4,469,135
5 1998 B'z The Best "Treasure" B'z 4,438,742
6 2001 A Best Ayumi Hamasaki 4,301,353
7 1996 Globe Globe 4,136,460
8 2002 Deep River Hikaru Utada 3,604,588
9 2000 Delicious Way Mai Kuraki 3,530,000
10 1998 Time to Destination Every Little Thing 3,520,330


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