Jacques I, Prince of Monaco

Prince consort of Monaco

Jacques Goÿon, Count of Matignon (Jacques François Léonor; 21 November 1689 – 23 April 1751) was Count of Thorigny and Matignon, as well as the Prince of Monaco as Jacques I after his marriage to the-then reigning Princess Louis Hippolyte of Monaco. He also contructed the Hôtel Matignon[1]

Jacques I
Jacques I, Prince of Monaco.jpg
Jacques I by Largillière
Prince of Monaco
Reign29 December 1731 –
7 November 1733
PredecessorLouise Hippolyte
SuccessorHonoré III
Prince consort of Monaco
Reign20 February – 29 December 1731
Born(1689-11-21)21 November 1689
Torigni-sur-Vire, Normandy, France
Died23 April 1751(1751-04-23) (aged 61)
Hôtel Matignon, Paris, France
SpouseLouise Hippolyte, Princess of Monaco
Antoine, Marquis of Baux
Charlotte, Nun at the Convent of Visitation, Paris
Prince Honoré III
Charles, Count of Carladés
François, Count of Thorigny
Charles Maurice, Count of Valentinois
Françoise, Mademoiselle d'Estouteville
Full name
Jacques François Léonor Goyon
FatherJacques Goyon, Count of Matignon
MotherCharlotte, Countess of Thorigny


Born in Normandy, his father was the Count of Matignon, a title that Jacques would inherit in 1675[2] Eventually Jacques would marry Princess Louise Hippolyte Grimaldi of Monaco[3]


The children of the couple were technically given the surname of "Goyon" after their father however they were sometimes also known under the surname of Grimaldi too.

  1. Antoine Charles Marie Grimaldi (16 December 1717 – 4 February 1718), Marquis of Baux and Count of Matignon.
  2. Charlotte Thérèse Nathalie Grimaldi (19 March 1719 – 1790), nun at the Convent of Visitation at Paris.
  3. Honoré Grimaldi (10 November 1720 – 21 March 1795), successor of his parents.
  4. Charles Marie Auguste Grimaldi (1 January 1722 – 24 August 1749), "Count of Carladés" and of Matignon.
  5. Jacques Grimaldi (9 June 1723 – June 1723) died young.
  6. Louise Françoise Grimaldi (15 July 1724 – 15 September 1729), Mademoiselle des Baux.
  7. François Charles Grimaldi (4 February 1726 – 9 December 1743), "Count of Thorigny".
  8. Charles Maurice Grimaldi (14 May 1727 – 18 January 1798), "Count of Valentinois"; married on 10 November 1749 to Marie Christine de Rouvroy; no children.
  9. Marie Françoise Thérése Grimaldi (20 July 1728 – 20 June 1743), Mademoiselle d'Estouteville died of smallpox unmarried.

Name and titleEdit

Baptised with the names Jacques François Léonor and using the name Jacques, his surname was simply Goyon. His title was "Comte de Matignon"[4] Therefore the mixture of Goyon and Matignon is unnecessary, and incorrect.


  1. Today the official residence of the Prime Minister of France
  2. At the death of his father
  3. The daughter of Prince Antonio I of Monaco, and heiress to Monaco
  4. French for Count of Matignon

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