James Taylor (planter)

British citizen who introduced tea plantation to Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

James Taylor (born 29 March 1835 in Kincardineshire - died 2 May 1892 in Kandy) was a Scottish man who brought tea plantations to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). He arrived in Ceylon in 1852 and landed in Loolecondera. He lived in Sri Lanka until his death (more than half of his lifetime). He worked with Thomas Lipton, another Scottish immigrant, to grow the tea industry in Sri Lanka.

James Taylor
James Taylor in Kandy, Sri Lanka in 1860s
James Taylor

29 March 1835
Mosspark, Auchenblae, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Died2 May 1892(1892-05-02) (aged 57)
Known forFirst tea plantation to British Ceylon (Sri Lanka)