Jean Colmer

British fencer

Jean Colmer was a British foil fencer from London. She was fencer in the early 20th-century, in the era women's fencing was becoming an establish sport. She was a fencer at the Queen Alexandra House Gymnasium and was trained by misses Bear.

Jean Colmer
Personal information
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom[1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
ClubQueen Alexandra House Gymnasium
Coached bymisses Bear[2]


Colmer competed at a main international women's tournament in 1913, the 1913 Alfred Hutton Memorial Challenge Cup. Colmer was described as "the star" of the competition. With only losing one match in the elimination round and two matches in the semi-final, she reached the final. During the final matches she was the only fencer who beated Alice Walker. She won against her with 5-3. It seemed for a long time that she would win the tournament, however Colmer also lost one match. After barrage Walker became the overall winner with Colmer taking the second place.[2] Colmer was described as the "star" of the evening.[2] The next year Colmer entered for the 1914 Salle Giandomenici international women's fencing competition in Amsterdam, the first ever women's international competition in the Netherlands.[1][3] However, in the end Colmer was not able to participate.[4]

Fencing styleEdit

The fencing style of Colmer have been described as having an excellent guard, an excellent judgment and being quick to attack.[2]


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