Jean Daniel

French journalist and writer (1920-2020)

Jean Daniel Bensaid (21 July 1920 – 19 February 2020)[1] was an Algerian-born French Jewish journalist and author. He is the founder and executive editor of Le Nouvel Observateur weekly. He was born in Blida, Algeria. He is a member of the Saint-Simon Foundation think-tank.

Jean Daniel

In La prison juive: Humeurs et méditations d'un témoin (The Jewish Prison), Daniel argues that prosperous Jews in the west live in a self-imposed prison made of up of three invisible walls: the idea of the Chosen People, Holocaust remembrance, and support for Israel.[2]


  • The Jewish Prison: a Rebellious Meditation on the State of Judaism translated into English by Charlotte Mandell, 2005, Melville House Publishing, USA


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