Jean Joseph Marie Amiot

French sinologist and missionary (1718-1793)

Jean Joseph Marie Amiot (Chinese: 錢德明; pinyin: Qián Démíng; 8 February 1718 – 8 October 1793) was a French Jesuit missionary. He worked in Qing China.

Jean Joseph Marie Amiot
Born(1718-02-08)8 February 1718
Died9 October 1793(1793-10-09) (aged 75)

Life change

Amiot was born in Toulon, France, and joined the Society of Jesus in 1737. He was made a priest in 1746. He was then sent to Qing China, where arrived in August 1751.[1]

He lived the rest of his life in China. He died after he heard the news that King Louis XVI had been executed.[2]

Works change

Amiot translated Chinese literature to French. He translated The Art of War in 1772, which made the work known in the Western world.[3]

Amiot studied Chinese music, which he wrote down and was played in the Qing court. His works were used to study Chinese music in the 18th century.[4]

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