Jeffrey Mass

historian, Japanologist

Jeffrey Paul Mass (June 29, 1940 – March 30, 2001) was an American academic, historian, author and Japanologist. He was Yamato Ichihashi Professor of Japanese History at Stanford University.[1]

Early life change

Mass was born in New York City in 1940. He earned a BA degree in history from Hamilton College in 1961. He received his PhD. in history from Yale University in 1971.[2]

Career change

Mass joined the Stanford University faculty in 1973. He became a full professor in 1981.[2]

Selected works change

In an overview of writings by and about Mass, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 30+ works in 110+ publications in 3 languages and 5,000+ library holdings.[3]

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  • Warrior government in early medieval Japan: a study of the Kamakura Bakufu, shugo and jitō, 1974
  • The Kamakura bakufu: a study in documents, 1976
  • The development of Kamakura rule, 1180-1250: a history with documents, 1979
  • Court and Bakufu in Japan: essays in Kamakura history, 1982
  • The Bakufu in Japanese history, 1985
  • Lordship and inheritance in Early Medieval Japan: a study of the Kamakura Soryō system, 1989
  • Antiquity and anachronism in Japanese history, 1992
  • The origins of Japan's medieval world: courtiers, clerics, warriors, and peasants in the fourteenth century, 1997
  • Yoritomo and the founding of the first Bakufu: the origins of dual government in Japan, 1999

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