Jeffrey Skilling

former CEO of Enron Corporation

Jeffrey Keith "Jeff" Skilling (born November 25, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American former businessman and former president of Enron Corporation. He is best known for being involved in the Enron scandal. Skilling was ultimately convicted of multiple federal felony charges that related to Enron's financial collapse, and he is currently serving a 24-year, four-month prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Englewood, Colorado. The Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in the appeal of the case on March 1, 2010. On June 24, 2010, the Supreme Court vacated part of Skilling's conviction and sent the case back to the lower court for further proceedings.

Jeffrey Keith Skilling
Jeffrey Skilling mug shot.jpg
Jeffrey Skilling's mugshot
Born(1953-11-25)November 25, 1953
Occupationformer president of Enron
Spouse(s)Rebecca Carter
ChildrenThree (One dead)

In 2013, the United States Department of Justice said that they had reached a deal with Skilling that resulted in 10 years being cut from his sentence.[1] He can be released sometime in 2019.


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