province of China

Jilin is one of 3 provinces in the far northeastern part of China, also known as Manchuria. The capital city of Jilin is Changchun (meaning "long spring" in Chinese). It is bordered on the north by Heilongjiang province, to the west by the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", and to the southwest by Liaoning province. To the southeast lies North Korea.

Jilin in China

The terrain and climate are much like that of neighboring Heilongjiang province. Also like its neighboring provinces, one of the main agricultural products is corn, as the climate is too cold (and dry) for satisfactory rice cultivation.

Old was Yemaek, Buyeo, Sushen land. Tang Dynasty was Balhae. Liao Dynasty was circuit. Jin Dynasty split Liang Lu. Yuan Dynasty was Liaoyang Province of Central Secretariat. Ming Dynasty set up Jianzhou as Jurchen land. It was named after Jilin city in territory.