Hungarian political party

The Movement for a Better Hungary (Hungarian: Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom), commonly known as Jobbik, is a conservative political party in Hungary.

Movement for a Better Hungary
Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom
PresidentMárton Gyöngyösi
Deputy PresidentAnita Potocskáné Kőrösi
Founded24 October 2003; 20 years ago (2003-10-24)
Preceded byMIÉP
Headquarters1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 120.
IdeologyHungarian nationalism
Right-wing populism
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationUnited for Hungary
European affiliationAlliance of European National Movements
European Parliament groupNon-Inscrits
Colours  Turquoise
SloganA Magyar Néppárt ("The Hungarian People's Party")

Originating with radical and nationalist roots,at its beginnings, the party described itself as "a principled, conservative and radically patriotic Christian party", whose "fundamental purpose" is the protection of "Hungarian values and interests." In 2014, the party was described as an "anti-Semitic organization" by The Independent and a "neo-Nazi party" by the president of the European Jewish Congress. From 2015 to 2020, the party started to re-define itself as a more moderate conservative people's party and changed the controversial elements of its communication, culminating with its new declaration of principles now defining itself as a centre-right, pro-European party with some residual moderated nationalist tendencies (the position Fidesz originally occupied). According to the party's "Declaration of Principles", Jobbik will "always focus on the interests of Hungary and the Hungarian people instead of a political group or an ideology. On the other hand, Jobbik reject[s] hatemongering and extreme political views that are contrary to Christian values and ethics

After the Hungarian parliamentary elections on 8 April 2018, the party polled 1,092,806 votes, securing 19.06% of the total, making it Hungary's second-largest party in the National Assembly.