John McAfee 2020 presidential campaign

presidential campaign of John McAfee

The 2020 presidential campaign of John McAfee, anti-virus software pioneer and cryptocurrency investor, was formally launched on June 3, 2018.

John McAfee 2020 presidential campaign
McAfee 2020 logo.png
Campaign2020 United States presidential election (Libertarian primaries)
CandidateJohn McAfee
CEO of Luxcore (2018–present), Founder and CEO of McAfee Associates, Inc (1987-1994)
AffiliationLibertarian Party
StatusAnnounced June 3, 2018
Key peopleRob Loggia (campaign manager)
Janice McAfee (director of media relations)
Zoe Nawar (director of youth engagement)
Xanthe Eriksson (director of merchandising)
Amphlux (director of media production)
Thai Starkovich (campaign strategist)
Bruce Heidelberg (campaign strategist)
Tommy Austin (campaign strategist)
Eric Dilliard (northwest regional director)
Grant Deltz (southwest regional director)
Jay Pizzle (northeast regional director)
Slogan"Don't Vote McAfee"

McAfee announced on June 3, 2018 via Twitter that he would run for President of the United States again in 2020, either with the Libertarian Party or under a party of his own creation.[1] McAfee insisted that he did not want to be president, and that his primary goal in running for office was to raise awareness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.[2]

On January 3, 2019, McAfee revealed on Twitter that he had not paid federal income taxes for eight years, claiming that the income tax was illegal.[3] On January 22, McAfee announced via Twitter that he would be continuing his campaign "in exile", following reports that he, his wife, and four of his campaign staff were being indicted for tax-related felonies by the IRS.

McAfee said that he was in "international waters", and had tweeted that he was on his way to Venezuela.[4]


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