Julius Nepos

Roman emperor (430-480)

Julius Nepos (Latin: Iulius Nepos, death 9 May 480) was a Western Roman emperor from 24 June 474 – 28 August 475 (in Italy) and 28 August 475 – 9 May 480 (in Dalmatia).

Julius Nepos
Solidus of Julius Nepos
Roman emperor of the West
Reign24 June 474 – 28 August 475 (in Italy)
28 August 475 – 9 May 480 (in Dalmatia)
SuccessorRomulus Augustulus (47–76)
Position Abolished
(Zeno in the East)
Born5th Century
Died9 May 480
Near Salona
Full name
Julius Nepos
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Iulius Nepos Augustus

Romulus Augustus is recognised as the last ruler of the Western Roman Empire.

After being deposed by a Roman General Orestes he retreated to Dalmatia where he continued to claim the western imperial title and was continued to be recognised by the Eastern Roman Empire until he was murdered in 480.