Kabyle language

Berber language spoken by the Kabyle people

Kabyle is a Berber language (Kabyle: Ṯāqbāylīṯ, taqbaylit, pronounced /ˌθaq.βajˈliθ/) spoken by the Kabyle people. There are 3,123,000 speakers worldwide, the majority in Algeria, where there are more 2,000,000 speakers.

About this soundTaqbaylit 
Native toAlgeria; immigrant communities in France, Belgium, Canada and elsewhere
RegionKabylie (Provinces of Algiers, Béjaïa, BBA, Bouira, Boumerdes, Sétif, Tizi Ouzou, and parts of Jijel)
EthnicityKabyle people
Native speakers
5 to 7 millions worldwide.
Berber Latin alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-2kab
ISO 639-3kab
Aires linguistiques du nord-est algérien.svg
Kabyle-speaking areas
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Kabyle was (with some exceptions) rarely written before the 20th century; however, in recent years a small but increasing body of literature has been printed. The originally oral poetry of Si Mohand and Ait Menguellet are particularly notable in this respect.